We specialize in a crime-related, specific issue, pre-and periodic employment, infidelity and security related forensic polygraph examinations.

A polygraph examination is a complex procedure that requires specialized training, qualifications, modern, state-of-the-art testing equipment and computer scoring software.  We are fully trained and qualified (in Europe, not in S.A.) and hold an International Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychophysiology, as well as Primary Instructor Certification.

The polygraph (lie detector) is a scientific instrument capable of simultaneously recording changes in several physiological variables such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration, electrodermal activity, and others, while the subject is asked a series of questions pertaining to a specific issue under investigation. The charts (polygrams) generated during the polygraph examination are interpreted by a polygraph examiner.

Crime-related, Specific Issue and Security Forensic Polygraph Examinations

Aimed at identifying the deceptive and clearing the innocent. These tests are conducted after a specific incident has taken place, e.g. murder, fraud, theft, arson, assault, etc. These tests are usually directed at the person’s direct involvement or guilty knowledge about the incident.

This can be used in any type of scenario where the aim is to determine the involvement of individuals in a specific incident such as Theft, Fraud, Cash-in-transit, Illegal payments or settlements to customers, Issues of warehouse stock items to unauthorized staff and Suspicion of fraud in the workplace.

Pre-employment and Security Risk Polygraph Examinations

The decision to screen employees before or after employment is made by the company.    There exists a number of reasons to pre-screen employees, and these are mostly having to do with being able to confirm that the person in question is who he or she claims to be.  

To save time and possibly lots of money, the importance of administering this examination is crucial, as a potential employee who is a security risk, or dishonest about their past employment, qualifications or reason for leaving should be prevented from doing damage to your business, this examination should be conducted as part of the company’s screening process.

The examination would ensure that the application was honest on the application form as well as enable the application to volunteer any information enabling the employer to make a decision based on information obtained before, during and after the polygraph examination.

Periodic / Random Polygraph Examinations

This examination will either routinely or randomly confirm the honesty and trustworthiness of employees or service provider employees (contractors) and is to be conducted as a preventative measure on a regular basis.  Employees who have previously committed any form of serious crime or serious misconduct in the workplace are identified through this examination.

Theft and fraud will be reduced as compromised individuals are identified.  This is effective in industries with large stock volumes.  It would be less likely for staff to fall victim to criminal syndicates.  It creates a culture of honesty and acts as a deterrent for wrong-doing. 

We recommend this examination who holds a position of trust, e.g. Security personnel, Stock Controllers, Finance staff, Managers, Human Resources, Warehouse personnel, Delivery personnel, Cash-in-Transit services, and Insurance Fraud.


Infidelity Testing can help explore the existence of your partner’s possible activity or another inappropriate behavior. A polygraph examination can affirm the truthfulness of your partner’s information.

These tests are used extensively for relationship matters, not only to substantiate an allegation but to validate the truthfulness of the spouse or partner. Infidelity is a painful experience for both parties. Even when one partner affirms that something has occurred, there is that feeling that something was left out or not everything was disclosed.

Expert testimony available on request

Although polygraph testing enjoys no legislated status in South Africa, precedents exist where the results can be used to support other evidence, especially when expert testimony is given. We’re available to provide the necessary testimony and to support the merits of your investigation.